Some People Portray Mackeeper As Being A Virus

Although some people portray Mackeeper as being a virus or some sort of malicious software the truth is that this development from Kromtech is perhaps one of the best antivirus software solutions for your Mac PC.

Some people argue that it exhibits a range of malicious traits including rulekit capabilities that are designed to hook deep into your Mac’s internal system, while others suggest that it even hijacks your browser, yet we are still waiting to see any evidence of this having bought the software just under a year ago.

The data encryptor module is perhaps the best feature within its entire suite of many tools. Basically, you can use this feature to encrypt and hide any personal files that you don’t want any prying eyes from seeing. You can do this by using a password of your choice and when it is done the file will no longer be able to found anywhere on your system without the use of the password, unless of course a determined hacker knows what they are doing.

The module that we use most however is the fast cleanup function. This should only be used if space is a problem. If you repeatedly use it when you don’t need to then you run the risk of deleting some files and folders which you may wish to have kept.

With its shield system running in the background continuously, if constantly monitors for any hacking and phishing attempts and notifies you before automatically cleaning up any malicious files which is comes across. Unwanted Trojans and viruses have next to no chance of reaching your precious hard work and secure information while the shield system is doing its job.

You may have come across the Mackeeper antivirus program offered as a trial version, in which case you probably run a scan on your computer and discovered just how much junk you had to clean and if there were any viruses on your Mac. Some people then seemed to jump at the thought of having to pay the $88 or whatever the going price is now, but let me just assure you that it is worth every cent. Kromtech, who are the developers of Mackeeper have done an excellent job in creating possibly the best all round antivirus and cleanup software available for the Mac.

Don’t worry, the program itself is not a virus although many people seem to believe it is with some even making bold claims that it even slow down the operating system. This could not before the from the truth since it is designed to actually speeded up and are not slow it down!

Keeping your Mac running at peak performance should be every Mac owners goal so as to maximise the efficiency of their daily tasks, and with this must have all in one utility even if you run into technical difficulties you are only ever one click away from direct support with Kromtech via the help of their geek on demand setup. When using geek on demand with Mackeeper you can expect a reply to your problem generally within 48 hours or less.

Perhaps the best way to describe Mackeeper is to say that it is one of the most useful tools for then Mac OS designed with a view in mind to keep it safe and operating efficiently at all times. If you are sitting on the fence and debating with yourself whether or not you should purchase the software, then perhaps we can push you over the edge a little by encouraging you to use a Mackeeper coupon available from Encouponcode. This is the best discount on Mackeeper that we could find while researching for this article, and is the actual website that we use when we initially purchased the program ourselves. By all means however, feel free to use any other mackeeper coupon code website that you wish and let us know how it goes for you!

Also we would like to point out that we are not affiliated with Mackeeper or Kromtech in any way, and just to give you another option we also recommend trying out Trend Micro's Internet Security for Mac as an alternative if you are not happy with either the way the suite of tools operates, the price, or any other obstacle you may come across. Trend Micro's Internet Security for Mac operate in much the same way as Mackeeper does, offering real-time protection and many of the same security features but without the hassle of any pop-ups appearing on your monitor.

That’s all we have for now, we hope you enjoyed our Mackeeper review!

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