How Amber Teething Necklaces Work

Microscopic drops of oil and released by the pieces of amber that are worn on an amber teething necklace. This is the basic concept of how they work with the oil is actually what is known as succinic acid. Also, this is why Amber teething necklaces are designed to be worn rather than chewed on as it doesn’t matter what part of the body the oil or succinic acid enters, it will still have the same effect. In fact it could be quite damaging to let the oil or succinic acid enters the body through the mouth, and doing it this way is also a recipe for disaster in terms of choking hazards - especially in young children.

By placing the pieces of genuine Baltic Amber on a necklace and packaging and selling it in this way it is the best way for a child to wear healing stones like these. Although they are not stones they are often referred to as being this, but really they are pieces of fossilised trees sap that was created in the Baltic forests of eastern Europe more than 40 million years ago. Nowadays that region is covered by the Baltic Sea, but these pieces of Amber are still found by divers and on some pieces of land.

Marketed primarily as a cure for effective way of treating teething problems in children, most people don’t know that anybody of any age can wear Baltic amber. Its healing properties don’t just stop once you reach a particular age! People with thyroid problems often wear them and there are multiple other instances where people claim that they have helped heal them in one way or another.

By far the most popular use of genuine Baltic Amber has to be in treating children who are suffering from teething pain. Every child, including you and I have gone through this process and have lived to tell the tale. Although we mightn’t remember it ourselves, when we see a young child suffering with the pain that they are experiencing, it’s obvious that they need something to help. Before Amber teething necklaces became as popular as they are nowadays people would go to any measure in an effort to help their little loved ones. Popular cures at the time included giving the child crushed up ice, a damp cloth or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a cloth. These would have been somewhat effective but would not be as effective as an Amber teething necklace.

It’s not just a marketing gimmick to say that the pass and oil that can lead to helping the child recover from the pain. It has actually been tested and proven to have a calming influence on the child.

The main disadvantage amber teething necklaces however is that there is quite a high risk of potential choking or strangulation involves with wearing one. Safety precautions have been put in place to limit this risk but there is always that small chance and this is often enough to put off some worried parents from buying one. The advantage to owning one on the other hand is that your child will be able to deal with the pain a lot more easily and may even forget that it even there. The throbbing sensation that they feel in their gums will almost become non-existent and they will look quite trendy with the new piece of jewellery around the neck at the same time.

You should know just how painful it can be when you have a wisdom tooth or two coming down in your mouth. If you can now imagine multiplying that pain 50 fold or more you can then get an understanding of the annoying pain that simply won’t go away that children of this age have to endure. It really must be a nightmare experience, and even though we all have come through this when we were young, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to help them a little?

This is why we went out of our way to find a proper solution that we could use on all of our children. Our search eventually led us to reading about Amber teething necklaces and we were so impressed that we decided to write a blog post about them. If you feel like it is worth taking the risk of letting your child where one (so long as they are strictly under your supervision), then hand on heart we could honestly say that these are probably the best invention for treating teething problems for kids.

If you have a better solution than the ones we stated above then why not let us know. We would be glad to find a safer or more effective solution if we decide to have any more kids!

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