Harvesting Cannabis Seeds From Marijuanaseedsavings

Harvesting your marijuana is the process of stripping and removing all the THC rich bud from the female marijuana seeds for sale from marijuanaseedsavings. This is what makes it all worthwhile when you consider the entire process that you go through from buying cannabis seeds online all the way to smoking it.

Throughout this process you would have had to constantly check on your marijuana plants by giving them the right nutrients and water and ensuring that they got the best and correct lighting possible.

The entire process from marijuana seeds to smoking it can take upwards of four months so you need to make sure that when it comes to harvesting your weed that you know exactly what you are doing.

Below, we have outlined the steps that you need to follow when harvesting and indoor marijuana grow crop.

When your plants have gone through the vegetation stage and approximately 18 to 24 hours of light per day for at least eight weeks, you can consider switching the light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. This will begin the flowering process which lasts another 8 to 12 weeks depending on the strain of marijuana that you have chosen to grow.

As the four sides of bud begin to show you should lower the humidity in your role room to 50 to 60% humidity on a hydrometer. This is to ensure that the buds themselves don’t become too moist and begin to develop mould. To further help ventilation you can begin to prune back any of the lower branches, and this also helps the plant to put it energy into producing more bud than wasting it developing unwanted branch nodes.

You will notice that some of the bottom leaves will have begun to brown a little and die so remove these also. The small hairs on the buds are known as pistols and when you notice these beginning to turn brown in colour then you know it is close to harvest time. To fully ensure that the time is right to end your grow you can take a magnifying glass and use it to look at the trichromes which should be amber in colour and not clear.

The time is right now to cut the marijuana plant at its base and begin to remove all the leaves surrounding the buds. When every leaf is removed, the cannabis bud that is left is what you will smoke once you have dried it and cured it for a few weeks.

The cannabis leaves that you have removed from the bud, particularly the ones close to the bud contain high levels of THC and should not be wasted. You can use these leaves later on to produce hash oil or cannabis resin.

Since the buds themselves are made up of 70 to 80% moisture don’t get too excited when you initially weigh them since they will lose a lot of weight after a few weeks. All of this moisture will also create a lot of humidity in the air, so before curing the marijuana hang it upside down in a dark room for 2 to three weeks. The room itself should be ventilated by a fan. It’s crucial that no drafts or outdoor winds allowed to enter this drying room during this stage since they can bring with them mould spores which can destroy months of hard work during the drying process.

When the bud has completely dried out you can remove it from the stems and place it in a number of sealable glass jars to begin the curing process. Curing marijuana removes the harsh taste that you would receive had you not otherwise cured it. During this process you should open the sealable glass jars once a day and turn the cannabis to allow air to circulate.

The final thing to do is to bag up your marijuana is sealable bag with all excess air squeezed out. You can then store this bag in a freezer if you wish to keep it long term.

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